Audi Q5 2012 Key Learning with Autel MaxiIM IM608

How to do key learning on Audi Q5 2012? Now here is a guide on Audi Q5 2012 Key Learning With Autel MaxiIM IM608 for you.

  • Test Vehicle Model: Audi Q5 2012
  • Programming: Key Learning
  • Tool Required:  Autel IM608

First, we need to access to IMMO function, then we will access through AUTOVIN function to the car and select Smart Model, make sure the tool is connected to the internet, it is a must to do the key programming.

Once we confirm the information of the car, click "yes", press "key learning" to begin the procedure, the tool will show you the progress on the screen, if you want to make a dealer key, press "yes", if you don need it, press "No".

Select the number of keys you want to learn and press "ok", put the key to learned on the ignition coil and turn it on within 59 seconds, once the key is learned, a success message will show on the screen.

Video: Audi Q5 2012 Key Learning With Autel IM608

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