Compare of Transponder key and a Remote Key Fob

What is the Difference between a Transponder and a Remote Control Key? The most basic difference between the two is that a transponder unlocks a vehicle without using a physical locking mechanism or key, and...

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What is a Remote Key Fob and How do they work?

Remote Key Most cars today come with remote keys, While it’s technically called a remote key, the word “key” evokes the image of a traditional metal key with a head and blade. Most people refer to remote key...

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What is a Transponder Key and How do they work?

What is a Transponder Key? Have you ever wondered or even noticed that just about every car key has a fat black head that’s distinct from the blade? Is it transponder key? A transponder key is called a mecha...

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Autel released NEW G-box2 Tool for Benz & BMW All Key Lost

Autel has released the G-box tool for Benz & BMW all key lost, now the G-box has been upgraded to G-box 2 version. And the main upgraded part is G-box2 supports BMW read and write ISN Code in a Bench mod...

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Autel MaxiIM IM608 VS Maxisys Elite, Which one is better?

What’s the difference among MaxiIM IM608 and Maxisys Elite and Which one is better? which scanner should I buy? Now, Reading this post (Autel IM608 vs Maxisys Elite) to make it clearly. Next you will read: ...

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