Ford Fiesta 2010/09 All Key Lost Programming with Autel IM608

Here is a case to add a new key for Ford Fiesta 2010/09 when all keys lost, the customer who programmed a new key with Autel MaxiIM IM608.
  • Test Vehicle Model: Ford Fiesta 2010/09
  • Programming: All Key Lost, Add a New Smart Key
  • Tool Required:  Autel IM608

Programming Ford Fiesta 2010/09 all key lost using Autel IM608. Smart keys: OEM aftermarket Ford smart key, xhorse smart key and keydiy smart key.

Procedure: Ford-->USA-->Fiesta-->2011-2013-->all key lost (also you can add key without any working key, works fine).

On "all key lost" Autel IM608 requires to be learned 2 key, but also you can use only one.

Video: Autel IM608 programming Ford Fiesta 2010/09 all key lost 

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