Custom & Import Tax

If your shipping address is In USA, there is NO Tax and Import duty.

If your shipping address outside of the United States, the custom & import tax policy in our store will give you useful info.

1. Who is responsible for import tax?

Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through customs. These charges are not included in the purchase amount. Customers are responsible for paying all duties for shipment(s) to destinations outside of the United States.

2. How much I need to pay?

Different tariffs are applied on different products by different countries. You can contact or refer to the official website of your local post office or customs agency to estimate the amount of import duties you may have to pay.

3. What will we do to reduce your import tax?

If you have specific requirements on the declared value of the invoice, please contact us. We will make it as you required.

If you have no instruction about the invoice declare value, usually we will declare the item value range from 20USD-350USD which depends on the package weight and package volume.

4. What will we do if your package encounters custom's clearance issues?

When you encounter customs clearance issues, we will supply you the shipping invoice which you have to supply to customs. At the same time, we also will contact the carrier to help you deal with such a situation.

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